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A goat can be newly defined as a lesbian. It is often described with adjectives in front of it such as stupid, ugly, or fucking. A goat is not the good kind of lesbian, it is the very bad kind. It belongs to the class of words that include goat, kitty, and ram.
Mary: I may be a lesbian, but at least I'm not a stupid goat like you!

Patty: You're not just a lesbian, you're a fucking goat too!
by Masterpp4u December 12, 2005
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A ram is a gay male. It fits in the same category as the female Goat. You can use ram to refer to gay men and be completely secretive about it. Someone who is a ram is definitely not a kitty.
Joe: Ouch. My butt is really sore.

Luke: That's because you got hit by a ram.

by Masterpp4u December 12, 2005
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A kitty is person of the heterosexual orientation, also known as straight. Kitty sex is male to female sex, and so on and so on. If you are a kitty, you are definitely not a Goat or a Ram.
Susie: I think I might be bisexual.

Colleen: Listen, I'm a Goat, and I can tell that you are so kitty.
by Masterpp4u December 12, 2005
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A lizard is a person of the bisexual orientation. Lizards differentiate greatly from their fellow humans, the Kitty, the Goat, and the Ram. Some lizards will transform into kitties or goat/rams at some point in their lives.
Susan: Oh no...I really liked it when Mary was eating my vagina.

Paul: Well thats cool...that means you can still have sex with me and you can also have sex with Mary. You're the perfect little Lizard!
by Masterpp4u January 02, 2006
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