In street gangs these boys start as underaged apprentices to a crew. They often mule guns and drugs to avoid adult penalties for older gangsters.
Here comes The Shorties with my Glock and 8 balls!
by I, Wreckerrr June 10, 2021
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Originally used to mean a young man, new to the game. By new to the game, I don't mean he just meant a rapper, but he just started selling crack, just started rapping, whatever, but even simpler it was a term used to mean just a person much younger than you.

Now, commercial rappers have turned the meaning upside down to mean a 'fine female', apparently.
"shorty's laugh was cold blooded as he spoke so foul,
Only twelve trying to tell me that he liked my style"
-NaS, 1994

"Shorty is shaking her ass on my Hummer with spinning rims, or something."
-average commercialized rapper today
by Steelo J. May 21, 2005
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Often used by rappers to refer to an attractive female
Shorty, come on over here and give us a kiss.
by theman65 May 22, 2009
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'Shortie' can be the ghetto name for girl-friend.
"Hey shortie! What's up boo?"
by Flora Veale August 6, 2005
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A highly attractive female. A male considers her his girlfriend or “mate”. She is his crush and his lover, even though she may not know it. She is beautiful and he is attracted to her.
Anna is my shorty. She is so beautiful and I love her.
by ChickenButt112211 April 8, 2019
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