A motorsport that posseum bourne kicked butt at and was tragicly killed by.
we will always remember posseum bourne not a a person who sits in a car and go's fast, but as a legend of the sport.
We will always remeber you posseum and we will never forget you no matter what
by DEMON GOD May 16, 2003
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(Verb) To perform extraordinarily well at any form of competitive activity in a given period of time. One may also rally on another person, implying that one is significantly better at said competitive activity than one's opponent. Rally may also simply be shortened to just "Ral". Rally may also be used in some cases to stand for the act of extremely rough sex.

Note: The placement of "straight" in front of rally, just further stresses your superiority in said competitive activity, or the roughness of said sexual act.
"Oh, you want to fight? I'll rally you bitch"

"I'm going to ral on you kids next round"

"I'm going to straight rally on your mom tonight"
by G.R.T April 12, 2006
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Best fast-food restaurant on the East Coast.
Rally's has great fries and great burgers. Their burgers actually taste like meat and are a decent size.
by Troy H June 01, 2006
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Occurs usually after a "charla breve" (see meaning) which involves the likes of all forms of kissing including ear, lips, and everything below the neck.
Bob was charla breveing Susy when they finally started rallying around 11:30pm.
by dphavoc August 23, 2008
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Rally is awesome and the best motorsports out there.The awesome SUBARU IMPREZA WRX STI RALLY CAR,and the awesome MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUITION these two cars are the best AWD rally cars ever! and best AWD street cars too! they both are awesome.Nobody beats them NOBODY!
Petter Solberg and Phil Mills rock! go Petter!!,we miss you Tommi Makinen please come back in the WRC!
by dan July 11, 2004
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When one makes sexual acts to another in any manner which is enjoyable for each party.
Hey man, last night I totally rallied her.

I really could use a good rally right now.
by immiked May 15, 2009
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The act of charging or going some place in a hurry or with great conviction.
I need to rally down to the liquor store for more beer.
by Majick March 08, 2006
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