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A good friend to have and he got your back no matter what. He is very good at multiple sports and never fails to achieve.
You see railey win again for the millionth time
by Navigator Gonzaxtor June 16, 2019
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Taken in the contest of the song Baby's Got Back by Sir-Mix-Alot he is referring to Florence Griffith Joyner a track athlete in the 1988 Olympics who defiantly fits all the other descriptions of what he likes in women mentioned in that song. Not some soda why on earth would you want to keep your women like a soda anyway?
You can have them bimbos,
I'll keep my women like Flo Jo
by Pdough May 15, 2006
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Light and beautiful . She always lightens the mood and is very giving . Her smile is enough to make you blush . She’s friends with everyone as she lets people in very easily. This is also a toxic trait of hers. She gets attached to boys very quickly and let’s them breaks her heart , but she doesn’t let it weigh her down Because she knows she a bad bitch and men ain’t shit .
oh wow did you see Railey today ? She looks so happy
by Forgethernot May 05, 2020
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a girl that you've always wanted. your first crush.

a girl that likes midgets.
"oh, shes such a railey."
by Railey April 26, 2008
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A super mighty fine girl who always lightens the mood and a great kisser
Dang did you see that Railey
by I don’t know 111 September 25, 2018
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a great girl who is usually self conscious but gets over it eventually once she meets the right guy. Goes great with a Troy.
Damn railey goes great with Troy.
by some guy 420 69 September 22, 2019
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the embodiment of all negative charisteristics of a person
P1: Bruh, you're such a railey
by manatsee November 02, 2020
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