The first person you have romantic feelings for. Usually the boy/girl-next-door, that popular douche, your elder sibling's really hot friend and in some cases, your Chemistry teacher.
Boy: Hey, why are you hiding from Mr Magnesium Oxide?
Girl: SHHHHH OMg, he is my first crush!

(See that OMg there *wink**wink* Gah, I know it's MgO)
by Samantha Felicia Rose April 5, 2015
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Quote said by the fabulous fetus Harry Styles when an interviewer ask him who was his first real crush, and that was his answer, and you know what? It was actually mutual and they´ve discussed it.
H-"My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson", I- "What he thinks about yet?", H-"Its mutual, we´ve discussed it"
by Lou´s Fooking avocados November 10, 2020
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