a safty device known to save wildlife from the clutches of quicksand in the most compromising circumstance.
by Tony Welch August 27, 2003
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n. A long, thin metal strip that you slide along whilst wearing a snowboard. Often tarnished with the blood of unlucky riders.
Fuckin' shit man, did you see that breh mash his head up on the rail or wha
by l337 haxx0r April 02, 2004
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Paintball term meaning quickly walk the trigger of your marker so as to lay a line of paint through the air.
1: I'm going to rail these kids
2: That dude is railling!
by 24x24 December 10, 2006
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To rail your friend
I'll rail you dude, you'll get 4 baggered.
by See_Ya August 04, 2018
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(v) to exert your muscles to keep fit using gym weights and equipment; the main intention is to increase muscle mass and muscle endurance, but the activity may also increase physical attractiveness and one's ability to score
"Well Duncan, it seems as if the female specimens in this tavern have been glancing your way lately. Why, have you been exerting your bicep muscles by raising heavy objects?"

"Spot on, my dear chap! I have been railing this past week like a madman. But railing like a madman will do no good if you feed your body mutton lard and haggis. Why, you need to eat nutritious and healthy meals to maximize your effort in the weight room!"
by Old Man Squash January 30, 2012
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a horizontal erect penis of a guy laying down,

horizontal erection ridge up
I was lying there watching her play with her pussy.
The second I got hard she jumped on my rail and role me until I came
by Rod X February 14, 2014
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