Cheap liquor, kept close at hand near the bar rail
I can't afford a Jack&Coke, so you'd better make it rail.
by dan September 28, 2004
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Using someone’s arm to walk down the stairs like a stair railing
Definitely nothing to do with sexy time stuff
Girl: *about to go down stairs* omg y/n rail me please
by Papi Shrek August 21, 2020
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the act of snorting cocaine off of a mans erect penis
hey baby what do you say we come over to my place and you can do a couple rails off my D before we go out
by iloverails February 09, 2011
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1. To ride/drive/pilot a vehicle in a fast and precise manner down a twisty road.

2. To haul ass
I was railing down highway one until that CHP caught me.
by mikeyroo April 07, 2004
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a safty device known to save wildlife from the clutches of quicksand in the most compromising circumstance.
by Tony Welch August 27, 2003
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