The act of dicking someone down hard. Term used specifically when Harry Styles is in SaraleeBread’s Insta account.

what does that mean?”

Getting railed to death
by dolphano November 18, 2019
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Getting wildly fucked while also lasting a short period of time
-Did you just RAIL her in the bathroom?

-Yeah I RAILED her.
by RedSheep February 14, 2021
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To fuck in a rough, hard manner.
I railed that bitch so hard, when I shot it, it fuckin' came out her nose.
by Doug O. December 28, 2002
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The act of fucking the living shit out of something or someone, preferably a female.
Damn dude, I fuckin' railed that ho all night.
by Anonymous December 28, 2002
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To fuck someone in the Ass, and entering the full length of you dick all at once, usually without lube, causing the sensation of ripping someone a new asshole.
FUCK, you totally railed my ass last night and now it hurts to take a shit and I'm walkin funny. Next time invest in some astroglide.
by OptionAdam December 23, 2016
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When you "rail" something that usually means that you cut up something, like a pill, into a fine powder and then you snort it.
Fuck man, I can't beleive you railed a quadstack in one go!
by NorCal potsmoker March 18, 2009
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1: To get Super Pwned .. Or Beat down..

2: A sexual reference used to describe a sexual pose where the girl is gripping the rail

3: To get caught in a bad situation ..
He was brought home by the police today , and his parents Railed him
by Illogical Chaos August 10, 2009
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