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1. (n) set of breasts (particularly round and large)
2. (n) stacks of money placed in hundreds that adds up to be more than a thousand dollars
3. (V) to get 150+ likes on a photo on some social media
1. "ma'am, in the leopard dress, you have an amazing rack!" (usually followed by a slap but in this case, a cry from a lost baby in the back seat of a stolen cop car.)
2. "Stealing that rack is a felony in NYC, jackass!"
3. "Dammnnn, since when did that bitch rack on Instagram!"
by d-to-the-ray June 23, 2014

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(n) professor who begs for the approval of their students by appearing understanding of their financial and mental health needs while assigning more homework than any other professor and making his/her own book a required reading.
My pick me professor let the whole class out late because he wanted to give a speech about prioritizing our happiness... I'm not mad I'm annoyed
by d-to-the-ray April 07, 2021

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(n) a person who draws on or uses information verbatim from said website Quimbee.com for the purposes of answering cold calls in class shall heretofore be labeled as the Quimbeeatrix of the class, and shall remain in possession of said label until the conclusion of class.
Our class's quimbeeatrix fears nothing.
by d-to-the-ray September 15, 2020

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adj. a contraction for fat and ugly
wow she's real fugly
by d-to-the-ray June 19, 2014

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