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Althou its a german word it should be known all over the globe its like a Daniel but worse a Rachi or Rachbauer which means some kind of Rachi who is a farmer too. Its a man or teenager who likes younger girls who are not legal yet (In austria you are legal with 14)

SO NOW YOU KNOW what a Rachi is!!!!
Toni(English) and Patrick(Irish) are at a youthparty and Daniel too. Than suddanely there are a few girls coming up!

anton says no as he likes older women(milf's welcome ^^) and partick says i got a girlfriend(obviousely he didnt like those little ones playing with older boys) but daniel asked her to show her passport or id and she showes to him and when he sees it Daniel says oh crap allready 14 and asked the youngest who was 13 for her number and Patrick shout out loud "LOOK AT THAT RACHI" and Toni corrects him "HE IS EVEN WORSE, HE IS A RACHBAUER"
by Dr. Anton September 16, 2008
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Noun: An extremely NAPPY girl who quite resembles a fat troll-like creature.

Verb: Man code for peacing out when meeting an ugly chick for the first time when set up on a date.
Girl: hey Its so nice to meet you
Guy: EVERYBODY RACHI!!!!!!!!!!!!
by thebaker420monster September 27, 2009
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