to vomit.

I think I am going to retch.
And suddenly, from out of no where, masses of people ran out of the building, on to the street at near record-setting paces, only stopping to retch. The retching continued, the people in the back and slower ones, slipped on the excretments, and became part of the conglomeration on the ground.
by bob jones February 17, 2005
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I'm gonna have all you women / retch under my command. --Muddy Waters, "Got My Mojo Working"
by brockvond July 7, 2007
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The perfect girl. She is the best thing that could ever happen to anyone. She is ridiculously hot. She has a bitch face every time but it is only because she is very shy. So adorable, she will give you the purest love ever. Also, she is very thick
Retche is wife material, just give the opportunity to the hottestand cutest chic.
by holabb June 1, 2020
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"That chick is retched!!!!!!!!!!"
by fuckkmee November 30, 2006
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Being absolutely repulsed and made sick from something that's fucking revolting
Kev: have you seen that "two girls one cup" video
Joanne: stop I'm still retching retch
by Htrmcq June 18, 2017
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A debacherer, a pervert or utter cunt.
Notably aggressive in nature, someone who needs to re-learn their apparently native tongue.
Someone who enjoys vadalism, especially egg-throwing and ripping England flags off of chav's cars.
A person with a very low sense of loyalty and absolutely no morals.
Someone who thinks that utterly shite music is "Bo." and has a VERY small penis. Seriously.
A person who may shout at people who don't understand why someone would try to pick up all the glass on the floor after a concert.
If you were in a pub and someone put on Shania Twain, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and a scrawny little rat with a two inch hard on danced past you, smoking a spliff and popping pills, dancing like a tit-wank with a pool cue saying something along the lines of "Yeah man, like, nintendo," whilst hitting on your girlfriend even AFTER she has said no, he would be considered a Retch.
by YouKnowWho YouDickWad December 21, 2006
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"Man, you smell that?"

"Yea, someone's smoking some retch."
by @nosilla_ann November 15, 2013
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