A blunt reply to a statement that is obvious; sarcastic agreement--"oh really?"

Synonym: no shit
1) No duh Ivan is the strongest one on the team; he stays late to work out.

2) You're going to get in trouble if you steal your teacher's notes. No duh!
by VAKI5 May 11, 2005
Mrs. Vance walks in the room and Pete says yo man she is fuckin fine. i say No Duh man.
by kurtis November 20, 2003
"I think I might slip on the ice", Janet said. "Well duh!", Emily exclaimed.
by Definitions@123 January 7, 2022
explained properly by my 3 year old niece to her father.
So the other day Josephine said, "Duh Dad."

I asked her what "Duh" meant and she said that "Duh is when we have an argument and then I say Duh...and then I win the argument."
She's a genius.
by Smile4rhonda June 8, 2010
A person uses, no, duh when someone suggests or asks about something that is obviously true.
" can I eat breakfast today?"
responce would be, "no, duh!"
by bruuuuuuuuuhhhh.... November 21, 2016
An expression that someone says when another person says something obvious or dumb.
Person 1: Hey look I can see myself in the mirror!
Person 2: duh.
by Krazy Boi December 25, 2018