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A blunt reply to a statement that is obvious; sarcastic agreement--"oh really?"

Synonym: no shit
1) No duh Ivan is the strongest one on the team; he stays late to work out.

2) You're going to get in trouble if you steal your teacher's notes. No duh!
by VAKI5 May 11, 2005
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(can be 'no da!' as well)
A phrase used by many people who were in grade 5 or 6 in 1995. It means a sort of childish 'no shit!' Has been researched extensively by linguists, especially in Australia.
"I reckon it's gonna rain today."
"No duh!"
by Bec December 13, 2003
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Response to someone telling you the obvious as if it's not apparent to you, like your a fucking idiot or something .
Condescending prick : "if you don't use your turn signal you could be pulled over by the police and get a citation , then they'll find out you don't have proof of insurance". You: "no duh! Now hold that bong lower ,bitch."
by Jacksonfink January 30, 2019
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Mrs. Vance walks in the room and Pete says yo man she is fuckin fine. i say No Duh man.
by kurtis November 20, 2003
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The pussy way of saying the phrase, "No shit."

Often used by twelve year olds around their parents due to the fact that they're not allowed to cuss.
Random 12 year old: Guess what! Spiderman shoots spider webs!
Other random 12 year old: No duh.
15 year old: Pussies.
by Pseudonym Mary June 16, 2009
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