Yaa is a girl with a big heart which means born on thursday in the ghanian language
by Coco B April 25, 2021
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A black African girl specifically from Ghana, born on Thursday. she's a beautiful, confident and great companion.always looking for the best interest of her friends, exiting and fun to be with , though very beautiful and smart a yaa will never discriminate
1.male:which day were you born...
Yaa:Thursday please
Male:Awww no wonder you're such a nice person
2.male:I'm just looking for a yaa to be the mother of my children
3.yaa is worth dying for
by Yaa phiney September 11, 2018
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An expression of utter and consummate excitement.
It is more powerful than other generic expressions, such as "hooray" or "yay".
Alex: We just finished all of our tests!
Alex (joins in): YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Brandon: Can't wait to next period!
Alex: What's that?
Brandon: IST! IST! IST!
by YaaIST March 30, 2010
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YAA - Yet another asshole
Douchebag dates your sister and is completely phony...Instead of saying hi to him say "YAA!"
by On parole January 22, 2017
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A stupid girl who doesn't know anything and doesn't respect
This girl is like Yaa
by Baby girl 30e July 3, 2020
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An absolutely fucking stupid way of writing the word "yes".
Length can vary between "yaas" and "yaaaaasssss", depending on how much of a prick the person saying it is.
Just spell it correctly, you cunt.
Person 1: "Do you want to go for a drink later?"
Prick: "Yaas!"
Person 1: "Scratch that, I'm going with someone who knows how to spell."

Absolute Cunt: "Yaaaaaasssss."
Person 2: "Oh for fuck's sake, just say "yes", 3 letters isn't hard!"
by IHaveNoMoneyLol November 2, 2015
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A gay day way to say yes. Often sounding like a billy goat when saying it.
Yaas. I love those shoes sis
by Metronig August 4, 2008
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