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an intelligent and cute girl. Never gives up. Likes to be right. Rarely admits things and can keep a secret forever and well. A true friend. Shy at times but super hyper. Gets scared very easily.
Wow, shes so cute. She's a brainy too!
Yaa, what a Rachie
by Laura Matilda January 26, 2009
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A female nickname for Rachel. Most mothers would frown upon having their daughters name sounding like retch so Rachie is a good substitute.
Briona: Hey Rachie! What's up?
Rachie: Nothing much. Has your name been defined yet on Urban Dictionary?
Briona: Nope.
by curvedotdot December 28, 2008
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the best person in the whole wide world! Once you meet a rachie you will not be able to take your eyes off them. They are not the hottest but they are the best friend and overall they are just adorableee! You have to be careful cause if you meet a rachie, you have to keep it forever!!!
"did you see that guy?"
"yesss, he was so kind ahhhh"
"omfg it must be a rachie!!!"
by kian :))) April 06, 2018
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Failed voodoo to become a cat hybrid. Term comes from a girl who loves cats but can't hug all of them and it's a shame. Lots of people love cats, but her passion for them sets the standard and many people now worship her in awe of her dedication to felines. She tried voodoo to become a freaky hybrid cat woman, however this failed and now she smells of toothpaste and mouldy KFC.
"man I love my cat so much, I wanna be a cat! Wheres ma witch doctor bro?"
"naw man you don't wanna mess with that shit and do a Rachie!"
by eljesso44 November 04, 2011
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