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Rabby is a name given to a pretty and gorgeous girl. She will make you feel like she is the most beautiful girl in the world when you’re around her. It will be rare to see her get mad and upset, she is always happy around other people. She is the best girl u could ask for.
Rabby is beautiful.
Rabby is gorgeous.
by Mr. Johnny Lian November 20, 2018
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the act of looking like a ratchet, messy, just plain gross. For example when someone gets drunk and starts acting trashy, or in many cases where a girl never cleans herself up and is always looking nasty
Oh my gosh, why does she come to school looking so rabby?
by CTAjones June 02, 2010
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rabbies is a mean of funny monkey disease (AIDs) you can get rabbief from cats and niggerfaggots and squirels
Halosucks was walking down the street when a squiral came up to him and started humping him due to the fact he had horny colone on.s o he went to the doctor the next day and the doctor said get the eff away from me cause you got rabbies bitch. Halosucks was upset so he humped a cat so the cat would get rabbies and since then, he's the one who started the rabbies disease and from there it went worldwide
by fatcowwhocausedworldstarvation September 26, 2010
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When a short guy and a tall girl dates and his friends do t know about it
“A shot guy and a tall guy?” That’s a Rabby
by Rabby is real April 21, 2018
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