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To receive sexual favours and give nothing back in return.
"I raabed this guy last night."

"Man, that girl raabed me."
by Clang4444 December 17, 2011
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A person with the most delicious flavor and taste in anything artistic. At least one in every group of Raabs has the most impecable taste in Manson men. They are also the most addicting creatures that Darwin never discovered because he was distracted by the monkeys. Silly Darwin!
Oh that Lorin! Have you seen her boy friend? He's quite the Manson. She's such a Raab like that.
by Andriea May 30, 2008
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That annoying workmate who always says they will help with things, takes most the credit for doing things when they go well but when things don’t go well either calls out and blames everyone else or just quits or β€˜gets ill’

Also usually is a sexist.
Last week when our department got the award at work he took all the credit even though he hardly did anything and this week we have all had to do over time and he has been ill and hardly in but Sally saw him in a club last night and he looked fine. The guy is such a Raab.
by Rascal G November 16, 2018
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