A.K.A. See-Kay-Why. Band consisting of Deron Miller, Chad Ginsburg, Vern Zaborowski, and Jess Margera. Started in Pennsylvania with Jess and Deron, who called their band "Oil". Changed their name to "Foreign Objects" in 1998, and then, after meeting Chad Ginsburg, called themselves CKY. Bam Margera, Jess' brother, decided to name his skate/stunt videos after the band.
Albums include CKY Vol. 1, CKY Vol. 2, and CKY: Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild.
by EJL May 2, 2004
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initials stand for CAMP KILL YOURSELF, named by deron because of him intense love for horror movies, band members are deron miller, jess margera and chad i. ginsburg.
albums to date:
CKY vol 1
CKY vol 2
Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild
and upcoming
an answer can be found
other previous bands containing band members, rudy & blitz with chad, oil and foreign objects with jess and deron

have followings in the form of alliances across the globe.
dude, did you check out cky's newest album, it fuckin RULES!


hey, you hear about the irish cky alliance?
by shelbob June 1, 2005
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an entity that is more than a mere band. CKY is a way of life. Their devotion to their fans is matched by no others. The Allience (fan base) lives and breathes CKY.
by Alonso Hernandez December 31, 2003
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I listened to "CKY" on the radio
by Robbie June 3, 2004
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Kickass band with good vocabulary and awesome music. Throw away your Good Charlotte, listen to CKY!!!
I-D-R is a great CKY album. Buy it now.
by thesingingbutler December 24, 2004
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fuCKYou cky is an awsome band hell yeah
"BOOF! he's gonna have to call u back!"
by Jessica Marks January 28, 2004
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1. Camp Kill Yourself, a band forcing change in the music industry. Deron Miller,Chad GInsburg, Vern, Jess Margera.
2. Movies made by Bam Margera. They came out after the band but before Jackass.
by Rosie February 11, 2004
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