"how are we doing for time? think we'll make our ETA?"

"yep, for sure....ROS baby!"
by Bonzai April 4, 2007
Rest of season, remainder of season. Term used in sports contexts, especially baseball and fantasy sports chat.
Aaron Judge won the 2017 Home Run Derby, then his batting stats took a dive ROS.
by CENSORED! June 5, 2018
ro-ro, slang for coronavirus or covid-19. Although it is an upper respiratory virus, it can be contracted by any humanoid who has been peckerized, or received an oral exam over the past 14 days.
I changed my mind about going down on her, for fear of catching the ro-ro.
by benzvette March 20, 2020
An abbreviation for the Corona virus-Covid-19.
"Oh no! I think I've been exposed to the "Ro Ro".
"Well stay away from me
by Kdwsousa January 3, 2021
"Look at that flower, that's Ros, if ever i saw it"
by Mary July 22, 2003