There are 2 pretty common answers for true beauty:

1. True beauty is every persons face without make-up. Many believe that when you constantly wear make up, it masks your natural/true beauty.

2. (the most important one) Is who you are in your heart. How you look can, and will change. But the person you are can never change, unless you allow it to be changed. The person you are one the inside is the true beautiful person that should really be seen.
#1: Person 1:"Wow, I've never seen Tracy without makeup!"
Person 2:"Yeah. Now her true beauty can shine through."

#2: Person 1:"That was so sweet of you Tracy."
Person2 :"It really was! Now everyone can see you're sweet side, your true beauty."
by tay-rose21 April 7, 2011
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True Beauty is an AMAZING Webtoon written by Yaongyi. This Webtoon is best boi and I recommend reading it.
Me: Do you read True Beauty?
Friend: No...
by LilyPotato November 12, 2020
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True Beauty is shit we see.
Georgie: That girl has massive tits, she's got true beauty.
Fat chick: True beauty is on the inside
Georgie: Ugly people say that.
by Nurghurgagurg April 6, 2011
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@zoemevorah on Twitter
Do you know true beauty?

Of course I do I follow Zoe mevorah
by Nottwitter December 1, 2021
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A kdrama

A kdrama and a webtoon about a girl that was bullied by her classmates for being 'ugly' but when she moved schools, she started wearing makeup. Later, a guy fell in love with her real face.
“Omg did you watch True Beauty?”
“Yes! Cha Eunwoo looked so good
by fuvanya April 25, 2021
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True beauty is when it can be seen hundreds of miles away. True beauty is when you don't need someone to see you physically and already know that you are absolutely beautiful. True beauty is when you don't need things to cover you up to make people stop dead in their tracks and watch intently afraid to look away because it's extremely rare to see something so breath taking.
Lora D. is the only example that will ever perfectly prove what true beauty is.
by ThatCertainSomeone. May 22, 2011
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