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The one who fits a certain set of characteristics within a group of friends, family members, coworkers, or people in general.
A: How do I fix my computer?
B: You can ask, Joe, our resident computer geek.

A: My sink is leaking, but good thing we know John, our resident plumber.
by regular August 07, 2009
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Abbreviated form of Relient K, a band currently operating under Gotee Records, a subsidary of EMI.
I listened to some RK today.
by regular October 26, 2006
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In Canada, the ROM is the Royal Ontario Museum.
by regular October 26, 2006
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a term usually used within competitive eating circles. refers to vomiting.
uh oh, I think he suffered a Roman incident.
by regular October 23, 2006
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(baseball) Refers to Pedro Martinez. His pitching was good enough that baseball players, pundits and other fans need only refer to him by his first name to understand the notoriety behind the name.
Damn, the Braves are facing Pedro tonight.

The Red Sox are sending Curt Schilling to the mound tonight. Pedro will start tomorrow.
by regular October 05, 2006
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A phrase that can be used sarcastically to indicate disappointment that one likely does not feel at the moment.
A: Bad news, our trip to space camp has been cancelled.

B: (sarcastically) Gosh darnit, I was looking forward to it too.
by regular October 07, 2006
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Chinese, Japanese and/or Korean.

Can either refer to a person's race, or a collection of works written in either Chinese, Japanese or Korean.
A: so are you CJK?
B: no, I'm filipino.

A: so do you have any CJK music?
B: sorry, mine's all spanish.
by regular October 22, 2006
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