Bottomfeeders who price gouge on CDs and screw artists out of what is rightfully theirs by forcing them sign draconian contracts. Fail to recognize that CDs are a dying medium, and that P2P networks are the wave of the future. Shuts down P2P networks by claiming they are costing the artists money, when the RIAA itself is in fact the biggest leech/thief of them all. Consists largely of older, conservative/reactionary suits who know nothing about music. Universally hated for its stupidity and hypocrisy, the RIAA constantly moves its servers in a futile effort to prevent them from being hacked.

by Anonymous September 10, 2003
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See bastard, piss ant, uncle fucker. Basically a bunch of cock sucking executives claiming they represent musicians, but they're really fucking them up the ass.
I have the fucking RIAA. Cocksuckers.
by Fuck the RIAA September 03, 2003
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Better not download that song. The RIAA Nazis will get you!
by Frogbutt November 30, 2004
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The RIAA is in the business of using other people's work to make money and take all the credit, all the while suing those who do not comply with "their" way.
by jt July 13, 2003
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The RIAA (I don't need to tell you what it stands for) used to be helpful. They decided what the speed for the vinals should be, and that was important. Now, however, they sue people for stealing songs from them. I spent more money on music now that I got a few songs from P2P. I baught a few ramones CDs that I enjoy thanks to P2P. The RIAA stops opportunities like these by sueing people, (mostly uploaders) for thousands of dollars mercilesly. I read from an excellent source that the RIAA sued a 12 year old girl for about 15k. I honestly doubt the RIAA gave the artist that had their music "stolen" the 15 grand. THAT's stealing.

All in all, I'd define the RIAA as efficient robbers.
The RIAA sued a preteen. I hope they enjoyed the fat cigars they baught with that money.
by PunkorNot April 25, 2005
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Asswhores. All the RIAA ppl are ASSWHORES.
Those RIAA people are complete asswhores.
by Taylor December 24, 2003
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The Recording Industry Association of American. A bunch of useless twunts who will be first against the wall when the post-scarcity revolution comes.
Fuck the RIAA.
by Jon February 22, 2003
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