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describes a punitive measure/punishment that is overly harsh in relativity to the crime or transgression. Normally done for the purpose of making an example for others to deter them from doing the same. Also issued out of fear/anger by an authority.
After Colombine, an elementary school principal was criticized for doling out a year's suspension to a student who used a toy pistol while playing cops and robbers. Many say that the punishment was draconian and reactionary on the part of the principal.
by Kevin T February 03, 2005
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A Gothic/Doom Metal band from Sweden. They play songs with Atmospheric and melodic characteristics and combine Harsh vocals (Anders Jacobsson) with Femal Voice (Lisa Johansson) to produce Great songs as "The Cry of Silence", "Death come Near me" and "a Scenery of Loss"
Draconian plays Doom Metal, a music which is known for it's atmosphere of darkness, despair and misery.
by scapino September 27, 2007
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a scale like creature thats hatched from the good dragons egg. dark clerics of queen takhisis use dark magic to make then. some turn to stone when stabbed other explode throwing acid like substance everywhere. dragonlance books
the draconian turned to stone after getting stabbed by sturm
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A complete deceitful, degenerate who has no moral fiber or any respect out of honor but rather fear. (Not that cool) A Draconian or "Dragonian" (As called by Hell) have no respect for others free will and prefers to eat and rape children. (Once again not that cool)
There goes the Draconian again eating the Nordic lady's children
by It 1111 March 30, 2015
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