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East-side district situated in montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Example 1: Eh yo did you hear what happened in rdp last night?
Example 2: Yeah man peter got shot they say the other guy was form rdp too!
by Peter Di arcangelo April 22, 2006
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Random dick pain

when your just chillin and your dick hurts randomly, this can happen anywhere aytime
"dude i couldn't sleep last night i had massive RDP and it kept me up forever."
by Ursinae May 17, 2016
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Reverse Double Penetration

When a male* puts on a strap on dildo backwards but faces it away from himself then positions his two partners, one in front and one in back. The male then proceeds to oscillate his pelvis forwards and backwards as to penetrate both partners in an alternating fashion.

RDP was originally created by Microsoft standing for Remote Desktop Protocol. However if you work in the IT industry you can boost your teams moral, in front of overly professional managers, while simultaneously undercutting everything your esteemed managers morals stand for.

*originally conceived as a straight act but after further review can be performed with creativity to suit ones liking.
"Man, I was trying to RDP last night but was having tons trouble."

"Are you able to RDP?"

"Dude, I RDP'ed last night and now I'm kind of sore."
by Bnasty Fras Fras February 14, 2017
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Remote Desktop Protocol is for people who can’t use a command line. Like welfare it enables people to remain victims.
RDP is for noobs. Why can't they just use SSH?
by l33tasf November 10, 2017
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