Dude: Who is the principal in the movie Charlie Bartlett?

Chick:Dude, RDJ. C'mon?
by piratedayenthusiast April 6, 2010
Robert Downey Junior, one of the most gifted actors of all time.
RDJ is awesome. Simply awesome.
by Lil' Jul June 27, 2008
An acronym for Roll Damn Jays. Jays refers to the Creighton Bluejays, a university in Omaha, Nebraska.
Yoooo did you see that game last night?
Yeah it was close, but the Jays got a dub!
RDJ, baby!!
by URAC GUY 42 March 18, 2022
Guy: "Hey did you see Iron Man yet?"
Girl: "Yeah, I saw it three times because RDJ is so hot."
by xjgfmgmn June 28, 2008
Friend- who is that sexy man me that is rdj
by Rdj_is_nice April 10, 2021