When your internet connection is intermittent, your instant messenger app logs in and logs out repetitiously.
I hate it when my Yahoo Messenger does the revolving door!
by BlueLion January 26, 2009
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I was so hungry that I just couldn't wait. I had to get the revolving door going.
by Captain Carismo August 12, 2009
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Any company that has a high turnover rate, meaning employees are quitting almost as fast as others are hired.
Damn, this place is becoming a revolving door. We've gone through four guys in that position this quarter. . .
by Rurounin January 11, 2004
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During sex, a man pulls out, cums on a woman and slips it back in much like leaving a building and returning via a revolving door.

Can apply to anal or vaginal sex.
Tom pulled out and came on her belly but it was so good, he had to slide back in for a little more. He treated her pussy like a revolving door.
by The Cultured Deviant September 17, 2016
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A door that..goes revolvie..
"Aino and it's damn revolving door.. Stupid ass people."
by Jupi February 22, 2003
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Someone who really doesn't have a sexual preference
Mary:Have you asked out Tom yet?

Jack:He said his door didn't swing that way.

Luis:I'm up for it Jack.

Mary:Luis, you are such a revolving door.
by Tim and Joe April 5, 2009
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when someone or something leaves a place or position, only to end up back there shortly after
Don't let him use the revolving door trick.
by The Return of Light Joker December 20, 2009
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