Raging Cunt Shannon.

A syndrome that causes moodiness/ bitchyness. Possible causes include having the name Shannon and possible lack of sex for a very long time.

Everyone left the room because RCS was there

They lost because RCS played
by Samre September 12, 2019
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Rubick's Cube Syndrome. Characterized by obsessive solving and intrest in Rubick's cubes and other involved puzzles. See also, crazy
The kids at school that have RCS are considered nerds.
by Lydia January 21, 2004
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acr. (medical): Reverse Camel Syndrome is a disease contracted by the excessive playing of MMORPG's. The afflicted person's bladder will expand, forsaking their need to urinate regularly. This is replaced with longer urinations, but in some severe cases, urinating only once per day.
"I went to the toilet and it was like, severe RCS. I'm talking like, five minutes... Mind you I had been playing everquest all day."
by Methulah May 23, 2005
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Raging Cunt Syndrome. The state of complete bitchiness due to hormonal imbalance and/or lack of a good fucking.
My wife is experiencing total RCS right now because that girl eye-fucked me.
by Devourthebacon December 24, 2016
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Russian Collaborator Syndrome, defending Trump's action by gaslighting, saying "what about Hillary?", presenting breitbart articles as proof that Trump is not a Manchurian candidate, etc.
Wow, that guy has a serious case of the RCS, he doesn't even believe Flynn pled guilty!
by fromztoa August 19, 2018
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RCS aka. Red cheek sydrome.

1) Usually in reference to someone getting very embaressed and turning red as a result. often made worse by surrounding people chanting "RCS!RCS!" repeatedly at the victim.

2)An unfortunate skin condition resulting in the sufferer having a permanant red face, variying in severity from a slight tint to full on scarlet.
1) Girl falls trips on the pavement and falls flat on her face, finally gets up.
Girl: Oh god, how embaressing. (immediately begins to suffer from RCS, thus going bright red)
Onlookers: HAHAHAHAHAHA. Omgosh thats girls got RCS!

2)Katie: errrr....whos that girl?
Jess: which one? the one with RCS?
Katie: *shudders* yes. her. im so glad im not her.
Jess: me too! Thats Lauren.
by Jess Halfacre January 7, 2008
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Research Chemical.

A phenethylamine or a tryptamine that has psychedelic effects. First brought to the attention of the public by Alexander Shulgin in his books TiKAL and PiKAL. (Tryptamines I Have Know And Loved and Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved)
by jtryptamine November 12, 2003
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