Rc is a short form of retarded cunts.

Most people given this nickname are dickheads or either school bully
Or to say "RETARDED CUNT" but ur grandma is infront of you.

sometimes RC can also mean "Reality Check"
Molly: Dude Alec is such an dickhead nowadays
Joshua: I know right bruv he is a rc
by Some weird stranger January 03, 2021
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Abreviation for Royal Crown Cola, a generally Southern drink often enjoyed with peanuts placed in the bottom of the bottle
Two RC's and a bag of peanuts, please
by anon. July 18, 2003
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Random Chat

One of the two most kick ass places on the mara forums.

ReC and a few other forums can try and try and try to match up to RC but they all know it's quite impossible.

Not all members in RC are great, just like any other forum, it has flaws. Although, there are only a few flaws;

The tags. The so called people who try to be an RCer when they aren't or the people who blab about life stories when it's called 'Random Chat' and not 'Life Chat'

But we all love it.

90 % of it's members are complete morons though, besides the ones that have been in there for a long time and know what the hell they're doing. & most of the members that go on RC think they're RCers but I'm sorry, you're not.

RC basically just knows how to have fun.

Yes, there can be a lot of flame wars on RC, but that's all in good spirit. Or so we say and/or want you to believe.

RC has members that go on it more than most members and are on it everyday, the ones who make RC fun and don't blab about life situations, use tags, try to be cool, etc. <- An RCer.
A board in RC;

"Save a horse, ride a cowboyyyyy"
"I clicked on 5 ads in the last 30 seconds"
"As a child I never had a cartoon network channel"
"So, I'm just sitting at the computer..."
by AnRCerbiznitch. August 22, 2009
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R.C. has its own taste, not to be compared with Pepsi, Coke or Dr. Pepper.
by Saints October 12, 2003
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RC refers to a white, no windowed van with a porn star-look-a-like driving it....normally with some sort of nasty facial hair.
by number1pirate October 02, 2009
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noun- a very infamous bangladeshi hustler who attends a majority white school..and hustles white kids for major loot.. give him an eight..he'll flip it to an O..give him a ki...he'll have every white kid in kellam sniffin coke..
Yo damn i needa eightball sooo bad, wheres RC?
by unknown March 16, 2004
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