It’s just a head ring.
If you really think about it a crown is just a head ring
by Itskindagriffin April 1, 2021
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A cover for your teeth that dentist recommend when you have destroyed teeth
Dentist: you need a crown

Patient : I don't have enough money
by the ecstatic August 15, 2017
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noun referring to a homosexual/gay man.

Derived from a Dutch saying.

To be crown
To be gay
Jules is very crown
by 0blivi0us March 21, 2010
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something obtained either by nailing a girl in the ass while on the toilet, taking a dump, or by fucking ten drunk asian bookworms.
Sam hit the brown-eye on the toilet, thus earning the Crown.
by Doomie June 8, 2004
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A casual greeting made to another by contacting the knuckles of their fist with your own.
I offered Bill Gates the crown but dude just left me hangin!
by He BG Bees October 28, 2008
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To "crown one out" is to perform oral sex on a person(s) of the opposite sex. Usually done in a bathroom or some sort of small area or room. The word originated from the Asain culture as far back as 2014.
*two partners go into the bathroom*
Man: "Hey you tryna crown one out?"
Woman: "What's that even mean? It's New Years I only got with you just to get with someone on New Years."
by SeniorSwagPants October 5, 2014
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When you bang a chick from every sorority on campus
Hey carson did you get your crown yet?

Yeah man, I got my crown earlier today
by CactusJack- December 10, 2019
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