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A forum on a virtual pet site called "marapets" also known as 'RC'. Random Chat consists of three types of people.


1. Idiot members. Members who think they are cool by posting .gifs of tyra banks and lady gaga. There leader is a member known as "tubes", or downthetubes aka a total fag who is convinced she is married to lady gaga(she needs mental help, no?) Many of tube's followers love it when she posts topics about how she was wearing a hollister shirt with her juicy bag and some guy asked her how much. They usually swarm to her topics and suck up by posting "OmG TuBeS iLy". This is the general population of this forum.

2. The trolls, or the true maker of RC. I suggest if you dont know what troll means, you look it up now. Without these people, RC would be a lifeless pit full of people who actually give a shit about tubes and her little fans. Troll members consist of: Trashalien, Tripoddd, cotdogsweet, luckyclover61617, Athinor, Mikalolouil, dusterbuster, zooomin, and various others who are banned so frequently their usernames are never the same for more then a week. When 3 or more of these members are on, and you start trouble with best be ready for a full witty attack from any of them online, even going against one of them is bad on your part.

3. The people who fit in no category. They either consist of people who think they are too cool for mara..but still go on it, the random posters who post about thing that actually should be in RC but are usually attacked and made fun of for posting what they did, and the wannabe trolls..the people who suck up to the trolls and when one of the true trolls are getting attacked try to stick up for them but end up making the situation a lot worse (note:actual trolls hate these member)

Though RC isnt as edgy as is clearly better then ReC, or Restricted Chat (even the collectors forum is more entertain then ReC), and usually is criticizes RC for being "stupid and immature" when when you really look at the basics of RC, you will see how truly amazing of a forum it is and maybe could find a place in one of the catorigories (hopefully not the 1st or 3rd).

Thank you for reading and filling your mind with amazing and very useless information about a forum on a virtual pet site.
downthetubes "OMG my mom TOTALLY said i look /just/ like lady gaga, LOL look at me in my holister shirt! i have 3 boyfriends !!!!"

'any troll member' "wow tubes ur really freaking cool i wish i could be just liek you hey lets be BFF until the end of time and we can go shopping for juicy purses and stuff!!!!!!!!!"

'wannabe troll' "*trolls username here* that was really funny you told her!!"

by randomRCer September 01, 2009
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