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Rant/Rave/Random - used on Tweeter, Facebook/Google Statuses, Google Buzz, blogs, etc.

It combines all things that are good, bad, or misc. that goes on in someone's life.

Can be used to reference a point of time that sums up their thought at that time: R3 of the Day, R3 of the Month, R3 of the Moment, etc.
R3 of the Day - just saw Avatar on Blu Ray and it is AMAZING

R3 of the Week - I hate my job, can't wait to party it up on the weekend!

R3 of the Moment - saw this link on this website and I think it's hilarious <insert link>
by JangoFajah May 13, 2010
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Oh youā€™re just being alive? Iā€™m horny too
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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whenever Daniel presses "R3" on his ps4 controller while playing fifa 20 demo resulting in a suicide bombing in real life.
Someone says 'Kill yourself'.

Daniel shouts 'Allahu Akbar' and presses R3
by Saiire October 25, 2019
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