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A person who uses Twitter to update countless people on the stupid things they are doing at any given time
Anderson Cooper HipstersTweeter
by Link3265 March 23, 2009
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drivers used for the production of higher pitched sounds, used to describe a tight-ass sound system
he was riding a tight ass 78 droptop with some bangin tweeters
by Nick February 24, 2003
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1)CUNT, TWAT, FUCK-HOLE, Bearded clam, bloody hatchet wound, vagina.
2)A more Politically correct way of saying the aforementioned vulgarities.
MIKE:"There is a star named after my girlfriends snatch."


MIKE: "It is named KAT's TWEETER"

by Kennith Ian BUSS September 07, 2003
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A loudspeaker that is particularly good at reproducing higher frequency sounds. Or, more precisely, an element in a speaker unit that has a small membrane. -- After
"Push up the fader
bust the meter
shake the tweeter
bump it well well well
bump it well well" -- Erykah Badu, Bump It lyrics
by Antonio Iania February 01, 2004
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Flatulence produced when air escapes your anus at the same time as a solid object. Although usually associated with that high pitched fart that comes out as you take a huge dump, it is also much like what results from air being forced up your anus while participating in anal sex.
The headboard thumping and the quiet tweetering on the other side of the wall could only mean one thing: anal sex.

The soft tweeters in the bathroom were a sure sign that the one working stall was occupied.
by Coos Baylien October 18, 2011
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