It's cool,don't worry bout it ,that's alright ,yes mate, sweet
Person 1- "Just copped a pair of yeezys"
Person 2 -"That's calm"
by calmradgie August 27, 2015
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Used to express agreement or to describe something/an event that has no conflicts
Person 1: Can you meet around 1?
Person 2: Sure, that’s calm
by Vert_Overgrowth September 17, 2018
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To be down with, or to express want to partake in a certain activity.
Person A: “Aye, do you wanna hang tomorrow?”

Person B: “I’m calm
by Housemixtapes&TheBaryckster February 2, 2018
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When something is chill, cool, relaxed or alternative way to agree or confirm usually to plans
That’s a calm fit bro!
Calm vibes all around.
It’s a calm day.
We good for lunch tomorrow at 6?” “Calm”
by Andylaverne July 9, 2019
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London slang word used in lieu of good/great/OK. As an adjective, ranges from acceptable to great. Made famous by south London rapper Siah.
'How's the food, do you like it?'
'it's calm'
by TLXS September 7, 2022
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Meaning for "cool". Or for the real definition see "Retarded"
That is so calm. Or that is so dizcalm.
by Haterofcalm January 21, 2005
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Calm is used as an alternative word for good.

"How you today?"

"I'm calm"

Calm mate
If someone asks how you are

You could say "Im calm"
by GreatMateFate July 11, 2017
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