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It's cool,don't worry bout it ,that's alright ,yes mate, sweet
Person 1- "Just copped a pair of yeezys"
Person 2 -"That's calm"
by Versacesmother October 09, 2015
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An adjective used to describe one's contentment/sense of relief towards a specific object/situation
The test was so calm
by Ramit June 10, 2015
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CAL-Main or Cyberathelete Amateur League Main Division. Better than CAL-o and IM , but not quite as good as teams in CAL-p and I.Working their way up.
That CAL-m team would woop that CAL-o team, but get pwnt by that CAL-i team.
by d3m0 May 08, 2004
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Calm is a state of being, akin to a religious experience. Often used bye itself as a fragment. A relaxing interjection.
"Dude, I can't believe he just flipped that snow-mobile. Calm."
by K-rizzle November 17, 2004
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Meaning for "cool". Or for the real definition see "Retarded"
That is so calm. Or that is so dizcalm.
by Haterofcalm January 20, 2005
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To be down with, or to express want to partake in a certain activity.
Person A: “Aye, do you wanna hang tomorrow?”

Person B: “I’m calm”
by Housemixtapes&TheBaryckster February 01, 2018
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Career and Life Management
A class every single Albertan kido has to take in 11th grade, or else they cant graduate! It's really a fun class though, at this very moment im actually in it...
You learn how to live life. And when someone asks you, what do you have now? You say CALM but it sounds like cum so their like what?! But really, its a fun class.
oh yeah, and you cant swear in it or else you hafta do push ups. These are the following swears:
crap, fuck, shit, bitch, damn, damnit, god damnit, cunt, dick, cock, jubba nubba thuban, satan, ETC. (JK for satan)
Student1: Hey what do you have right now?
Student2: Calm...
Student1: gross dude.

George Bush: calm saved my life, though my life didnt go anywheree...

Student1: Hey I love calm, did you know that my friend failed it, and hes taking it again?
Student2: really? its like the easiest class ever, easier than a spare dammit.

by MeowCow06 September 08, 2009
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