Initials for:
"Northern Organized Raza Till eternity."
Norteno's is a mexican gang claming tha color red & the north side.
They're number is 14, for the fourteenth letter in tha alphabet is "N"
Tha enemy are the surenos.
Fuck tha sewer rats!
Norte' for life
by Nortena For Life September 16, 2005
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mexican gang nothsiders xiv 14 enemys of scraps
them nortes fucked up them bitch ass scraps
by blunt1 March 27, 2003
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North in Spanish. Norte is a Mexican prison and street gang known as Nortenos which mean Northern in Spanish not North Side, also they are part of and are consider the foot soldiers of the NF prison gang. They claim Northern Cali not north side Cali. And all true Northerners know this.
The Stockton Norte Gang be banging to the fullest and school when they get into game and sent to the pinta with the OG
by mystery1 April 1, 2015
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A word use by fans of the Kingdom Hearts Video game series to describe a character who has been possessed by one of the series' main villains, Xehanort. Its use spread after the trailer Square Enix released for Kingdom Hearts III on June 10th, 2018 at Microsoft's E3 convention. It depicted the character Aqua (A main protagonist in the game Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)with yellow eyes, suggesting she was possessed by Xehanort.
Die hard Kingdom Hearts fan: Noooooo! I can't believe Aqua got norted!
by Prof. Leskinen June 14, 2018
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Kingdom Hearts fan terminology. A word used to describe what happens when a character has been possessed or influenced by the character Xehanort, causing them to develop yellow eyes and/or tanned skin and silver hair, just like Xehanort/Master Xehanort.
"I can't believe Terra was norted."
by Xzarias June 15, 2018
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The process of Master Xehanort (From the Kingdom hearts series) binding his heart in 13 vessels, to complete the new Organisation 13. In this transformation, the Vessel gains yellow eyes to match Xehanort's eyes.
Aqua just got NORTED.
by SB15SKG June 12, 2018
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When someone becomes another vessel for Master Xenahort so he could take over the world or take its light or darkness darkness darkness.
Someone got norted in one of the trailers!
Dude stfu spoiler!!
by Irkeks June 13, 2018
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