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When someone quits a job but does it in such a way that they are fired.
John gave his two weeks notice by drawing all over his boss' face then saying that he is giving his notice, later in the day he was fired.
by Dude#1 August 09, 2004
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When you’re about to quit your job but your boss calls you during lunch and you come to a mutual termination of employment. You will be unsure if you were fired , quit , or let go .
omg becky just literally quired me i feel so violated
“i’m literally unemployed now i can’t go to robert’s birthday party because becky quired me”
by Currently Unemployed and Salty February 27, 2019
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When you and you boss mutually agree that’s it’s better off that you don’t work somewhere technically getting fired but quitting at the same time
Did you hear that Tyler got” quired “from bad Brads BBQ (jadenB)
by Quired August 19, 2019
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