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A popular show created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Based off of a cartoon they made in college, The Spirit Of Christmas, it has become popular with many 15-26 year olds in the last 8 years. In the past half-decade adolescent pre-teens and degenerates began to watch, imitate and sue, similar to MTV's Jackass stunt show. The show, currently airing Wednesdays on Comedy Central, is ulitimately a big middle finger to society's ignorance and utter stupidity, mixing political and pop culture jokes with vulgarity.
South Park is one of the best shows of the nineties, along with Seinfeld.
by Dude#1 December 27, 2004

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When someone quits a job but does it in such a way that they are fired.
John gave his two weeks notice by drawing all over his boss' face then saying that he is giving his notice, later in the day he was fired.
by Dude#1 August 09, 2004

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