A dummy, or an idiot. (see numbnuts)
A kid grabbed my dad's baseball cap and ran in circles. My father gave chase screaming, "Hey you QUIFF get back here!"
by J4G February 17, 2011
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When amy squirts fudge from her vagina
by Brody April 30, 2003
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A quiff is a penis fart; like a queef
dude i jsut quiffed
by the best penis fart June 11, 2022
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Revamped version of 70s style coiffure haircut involving at least two rat tails.
If your hairstylist recommends a quiff, kill him.
by Wifey McBeatey May 16, 2007
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comming from the word Quief, a fart comming from a mangina that leeks out poop.
i quiffed in my pants because i had to shit really badly
by maddowg1356 October 20, 2009
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An extremely aggravating and annoying person, usually mean spirited
"Tracy ratted me out to the boss. What a fucking quiff!:
by Andyman January 24, 2003
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Quiff: Ultra cool (not super gay)
Man that guy sure is Quiff (Ultra cool)
That guy aint Quiff(ultra cool) he's wendle(ultra gay)

by Mike mc'nanor July 12, 2006
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