"You callin her back?"
"Nah, that hoe always quief on my dick"
"My condolences"
"I appreciate your sympathy"
"We are good friends, it would be wrong of me to ridicule you after ending your relationship which can be hard on you even if you are the one who does the dumping"
"It takes a good friend to care enough to understand that guys have feelings to"
"And it takes a big man to admit that he has feelings"
"You always know just what to say, wanna go get some chipotle?"
"Sounds good"
"Hmmm I love guac, but do I love it more than my money?"
" you deserve it man, the guac is on me"
"Thanks bro"
"Hey I've been meaning to ask you something, but I didn't want you to be sad that I have found my soul mate and you haven't. I feel that you have matured and grown past your relationship enough for me to ask... will you be my best man"
*crying a lil* "of course I will bro"
There was a bomb attached to the underside of their table at chipotle, both of them died, and that hoe kept on quiefing.
by Candy man lick July 2, 2017
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Sometimes happens, due to pressure changes in the vagina particularly during the orgasm. //Expulsion of air after or during sexual intercourse.
by Peterson April 19, 2003
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Bitch did u just fart?
No wen im fucking sometimes my pussy farts
by tom May 30, 2003
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The involuntary release of compressed air from the vagina resultiong from penile piston like pumping of intercourse. A.K.A. Pussy fart.
I pounded her pussy so hard she will quief for a week.
by Quiefmaster Keith June 24, 2003
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The excuse that your girlfriend uses when she has farted
"She tried to convince me that it was a quief but something began to smell bad..."
by Kaiser_fj November 18, 2006
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the expulsion of air forced into the vagina during intercourse.
After a rousing session of doggie style sex, Jim pulled his penis from Jill's vagina only to be greeted buy a very loud quief.
by jupton April 17, 2003
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