A boro that could use some more subway service.
The Archer Av & Hillside subways & a train to LaGuardia.
by SINY_R143 September 08, 2004
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Queens makes the Bronx look like a cesspool...Wait, shit...the Bronx DOES look like a cesspool!
by ICSHialeah August 07, 2009
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Something having eminence or supremacy in a given domain and personified as a woman.

Not to be confused with quean which is also a Scottish phrase for a young lady.
Paris is regarded as the queen of cities.
by amy jay July 12, 2005
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Girl of the relationship that rules and gets what she wants when she wants it
My girl is always treated like a queen. "It's whatever you want baby."
by Lebomb11 October 04, 2015
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Best. Band. EVER. Consists of the amazing Freddie Mercury (Vocalist) , Roger Taylor (Drummer) , Brian May (Guitarist) , and John Deacon (Bassist). They sing many fot he songs that everybody knows, such as 'We Will Rock You', 'Bohemian Rhapsody', 'We Are The Champions', and many more, which are all good.
Me: Dude, I just got a Queen DVD: 'We Will Rock You', it's called. A live concert. It's dazzling! So lovely, I cried.
Friend: Wait... You cried? xDD
Me: Stfu, fool. ; ;
by RoboTribble February 28, 2006
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A term of endearment used on a woman. Can be serious and sweet or just a way to get her into bed.
"Aww, sweetie, you know you'll always be my queen."
by MissionDoll November 11, 2004
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