1) A female monarch who reigns a country in her own right, equivalent to a king.
2) A British rock band (fronted by Freddie Mercury) that is hugely popular to this day, even though their breakthrough was in the 70's. Responsible for the iconic anthems "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions.
3) Endearing term for a strong, independent woman who people should be.
4) Derogatory term for an overly flamboyant homosexual man (unless he's describing himself.)
1. "Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is the only other living queen to Queen Elizabeth II."
2) "So Katy likes rock, but doesn't like any song by Queen? Pretty sure she's a serial killer."
3) "How does Johanna work a full time job, go to college, have a bomb ass social life AND look impeccable every day? What a queen."

4) "Will is such a queen. I'm surprised he hasn't transitioned to female yet."
by You'reAWizardHarry January 10, 2017
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This is a really unique name for a girl.

Queen who is a girl who any boy would be lucky to be with once Queen gives you her heart shes all yours and shes down for whatever whenever (wink) (wink). Queen is good at sports & like to sing. She occasionally rants and only cries when she's angry and not over sad things, you'd think shes heartless but shell never as much love to anyone as she does to her mother. Queen would do anything for her brother and everyone knows it. She's very good at babysitting as she loves kids especially chubby ones and they love her too. Queen deserves the world as she is very hard working and respectful towards others. Queen tries her best to not disappoint her mother. Queen acts like a man.... maybe this is why boys are afraid of her or maybe its cause her brother is actually scary. What boys don't know is that Queen's body is banggin and she has a big booty and she would shake it up and down for her man. Queen thinks Boys are stupid because they think they have to be been but really all you have to do to win Queen over is hug her when she's mad, ask her if she's okay when she doesn't look okay and cheer her on at football games and be ready for frequent kisses and hugs lots and lots of hugs and be able to rip into each other whenever.

Queen is a nice girl.
Queen may act weird sometimes but she can be really fun take care of Queen cause you won't find another like her.
My name is Queen.
I love Queen.
Queen is so funny.
My best friends name is Queen.
There is a girl in my class called Queen.
by AjbutterKcie October 19, 2018
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The best glam rock band after David Bowie, they did pop rock in the eighties too, which was also good. The also had the best singer in popular music, Freddie Mercury.
Queen was quite a great band, too bad Freddie Mercury died. They'd still be making great music today.
by Walter June 2, 2004
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A queen is a rare breed of human, typically a ginger girl who is a beautiful person inside and out, a queen is a kind person who is a natural leader and is fiercely passionate to those they love
Look at Jess! She’s clearly a queen
by TheGingerQueen August 23, 2018
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Nicki Minaj's 4th studio album, released on August 10th 2018.
I think Queen's best song was Good Form.
by Derxert June 15, 2021
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Someone who is cosidered really cool and amazing. Someone who others look up to, someone who slaysss.
Damn Hailey you get it queen. Yasss
by Mynamesnotskyneverwillbe February 8, 2022
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