A short fat robust person. One who looks extremely sturdy such as a tree stump. Resembles a living, breathing, walking, human chode. In short, Matthew Nola.
Wow, Danny Devito is a fuckin chess piece.
by Dan Dildo Fowler June 9, 2004
Disgusting, midget-sized female "device" which can cause internal damages, including a prolapse. Named so as it looks like it was taken from an over-sized chess board. ie; Dildo
Steve: Look at this disgusting video I found!
Robert: Dude, what is she sitting on? That fucking thing is huge!
Steve: It looks like a huge Chess Piece! OMG, is that blood coming out of her ass? PROLAPSE!!
Robert: Aww piss, thats gross!
by ScooterP December 29, 2011
The condition of being very drunk to the point where you're semi-comatose, staring off blankly, shortly before passing out.
Tim got all chess-piece face last night, and we found him, later, passed out on the sidewalk.
by Paul D. Key July 24, 2006
Used when a formidable opponent beats his lesser neighbor's ass at a game of chess repeatedly to the point that the somber-some disappointed player then copies, and sends, the definition of stale-mate to the winning victor's phone in order to redeem what little man hood is left after yet another night of reigning tear.
Zack sure was chess pieced off last night after loosing- he grabbed his blanket , and cat and hasn't been seen since!
by M&M Show December 7, 2016
When a network cancels an awesome show called Flashforward, you send them chess pieces in the mail to protest.
ABC is so gay yo, they canceled my favorite show ever, Flashforward. I'm SO gonna send them chess pieces.
by Awesome Pers May 28, 2010