When your so shook you go beyond shook and transcend to quake.
"Omg no way I'm quake"
by moneytrees98 November 2, 2019
When a ho just got the best fuck of her life that even that loose bitch walks funny
Britneys legs Quaked as she walked away from the headmasters office
by DaddySpain February 7, 2022
The shivering feeling you get when there's a dick in your ass
Hugheys boyfriend went so far into his ass, he started quaking
by zackofthesea January 18, 2015
Quak is the new Qual - originally a misspelling.
- The plan for tonight is to meet at six.
- Quak!
by JackAttack2000 July 28, 2008
say you are a red hed and you post a selfie. a girl responds, “merida from brave is quaking”
by quakinghoe January 20, 2018
To shake or tremble
To be be hyper
To be in need of a fix
1. That bitch be quakin.
2. Dude, you all quakin. You lookin'?
3. That airplane was quakin the whole time.
by Conz March 3, 2003
can be used in any context. it literally means anything.
replaces noun, adverb, verb, etc.
"i just totally shibbidi quak quak(ed)."

"why is your shibbidi quak quak out?"
by Blaine.J May 17, 2008