Noun; An extrememly overweight female. subterms/derivative terms: Minor Quake = very overweight female, Plain and Simple Quake = extremely overweight female, Massive Quake = dangerously obese female.
Did you see that plain and simple quake taking up two seats in the movie theater last night?
by P. Jumpkins December 2, 2008
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A synonym for shook.
To quake is to be both shocked and surprised.

Ex: I am quaking at the number of thumbs up in the top answer.
by MYOBk February 9, 2020
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I heard Billy quaked Ann last night.
by Jaronaco November 20, 2014
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You nasty you out here being a big ole Quake.
by 20th centuary SLANG September 20, 2018
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Game produced by ID Software. Has fast-paced, mindless, frag-fest action.
Quake players (See "Quake Monkey") often spread to team-based games like Battlefield 1942 and ruin it with their score-whoring.
"Quake is home to abunch of n00bs."
by Brian September 10, 2003
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Used as an alternative to "shook". Usually used for more emphasis. Popularize by Shane Dawson, who probably learned it from Ru Paul's Drag Race.
"And then she SNATCHED that lady's weave! Bitch didn't have me shook, she had me QUAKING!"
by nottodaythanks May 26, 2017
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