Shocked or surprised; a synonym for shook.
He was quaked when people approached him about the offensive post after his facebook was hacked.
by JMHS MN June 22, 2017
Someone Being Struck Extremely Hard,Usually Resulting in an unconscious state.
Damn that nigga dejan got his shit Quaked yesterday!
Did you see it?
Nah...He got quaked though? DAMN...KO
by Mestizomatt November 11, 2010
You nasty you out here being a big ole Quake.
by 20th centuary SLANG September 20, 2018
Quake is a First Person Shooter, running along side the old and famous Doom, Unreal Tourny, Hexen. Quake is now currently in version 4, and is now a fully competive game with interest from CPL and WCG. Other versions are Q, Q2 (QII), Q3 Arena (QIII).
I zomped him at Quake last night.
She completely nailed him in Quake last night
by QuakeFit February 27, 2006
A Game that kicks (or more kicked) ass back in the good old days when I still played it... I've got it laying around somewhere, but I'd have to dust it off 1st... :P
"Quake" created by ID Software, to counter Duke3D
by BoNes October 23, 2003
When James Charles finds cheap makeup and shakes very violently, or starts to (quake) very violently!!!
James Charles walked into target for makeup, and they didn't have any! He fell to the floor and started (quaking)
by Brayden Lobetti April 27, 2019
When a ho just got the best fuck of her life that even that loose bitch walks funny
Britneys legs Quaked as she walked away from the headmasters office
by DaddySpain February 7, 2022