often used to identify a hoe in NY
by ytry_ March 27, 2019
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Person(commonly female) who talks to everybody always in people’s dm’s someone who’s messy has a new man every week or day
• That girl you talk to is a treesh
• There she go again treeshing around

• Look at Patricia over there being a treesh
by Jazzy680 February 14, 2018
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A treesh is basically a girl that is a hoe and fucks hella niggas she also posts hella niggas her mcm. In middle school a treesh is a girl that hugs a different guy everyday😭😭
Omfg why jerell dating this fucking treesh jahayra
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A thot. Usually a female with many boyfriends.
Caliah is such a treesh. She has a new boyfriend every week
by Bubbles and bubbles April 21, 2018
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"U got the free? Say no mo', I'm bringing the treesh to ur crib"
by wolf_izzo November 22, 2016
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This treesh really sucked this nigga dick, she got a different man!
by KillaZoro March 26, 2019
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