An urban legend of 3 Sentient ducks living out their lives in a costume that looks like a human male.
Im three ducks in a man costume I'm only here for the bread I must be quaking a josh
by Duckmanjosh November 23, 2021
A butt plug from California that likes it up the ass. Thinks he is cool because he is from california, but can't quite reach the dildo shoved far up his rectum. Probably because he is from California, and not a common sense state like Ohio.
Wow that cali-quake guy sure is a faggot.
by GoudyGodKing July 28, 2018
A term used to describe a bowel reaction to a strong cup of joe. The magnitude can be measured by the number of simultaneous victims.
"A logjam occurred in the bathroom as a 9.0 coffee quake occurred seconds earlier"
by OligSlaughter August 7, 2013
The moments after sex when a woman’s body shakes from having intercourse. Can last up to 20 minutes
OMG girl! I had the lady quakes after Tyron last night! I couldn’t stop shaking!
by WakandanLMT September 10, 2019
When something is absolutely bonkers in your mind to the point of it emitting a feeling of power in a good way, or when something is indescribably good and/or meaningful to someone.
Person 1: Bro why do you eat nesquik powder so much. There's no way that can't be healthy.

Person 2: Dog its just so good there is no words on god's green earth that can describe how fucking good this is.

Person 1: Ain't no way that shit is that good man.

Person 2: It is quaked my dog.
by moosewithmemes January 20, 2022
The state of ultimate destruction and devastation of the body through drugs or alcohol.
Bro let’s get fucking quaked tonight.

Dude I’m actually so quaked.
by sleepparalysisdemon July 13, 2022