Japan has sustained so many strong earthquakes spring of 2011 that is has been dubbed quaking Japan.

The tsunamis that resulted destroyed numerous parts of Japan and was followed by a meltdown at the nuclear plant, further damaging the country. All these horrible and powerful events have left Japan quaking in their boots, witnessing the sublime of nature.
Have you heard about quaking Japan's nuclear crisis?

Poor quaking Japan.

We should all donate to help relief efforts in quaking Japan!
by fanxy April 8, 2011
BASICALLY THE SAME THING AS AN EARTHQUAKE , but way less messy, you take a bath, and, splash the water all around causing it to get all over everything!!! the floor, the walls, everything!!
instead of a regular bath, she took a bath quake and made a mess everywhere!!
by lesser of 2 eviles April 11, 2016
The act of playing the Boomer Shooter "Quake"
Person 1: "what you up to?"

Person 2: "NM just quaking before bed"
by QuakeFan273 November 16, 2021
A term used by surfers to describe big waves.
Hoi mate it’s quaking out there!!
by Yeeterveatver February 23, 2019
When a bitch doing to much but it’s funny
“LMFAOOO girl ur such an Ass quake
by Obamas coochie April 25, 2022