A term used to discribe something that happend a long time ago.
brudda, Lakers hasn't won since quake quake, they are shit
by Foutens212 January 15, 2022
When a creeper on line gets his first nude and masturbates so hard he starts speaking in tongues and his legs quake.
When Marko saw MehMehs fat in the middle dick he didn’t even take time to grab lube and did the Albanian Quake.
by Dominatrix;) November 26, 2019
A type of anal orgasm where a persons legs shake uncontrollably.
“This feels so good why are my legs shaking?” “ That’s an anal quake.”
by AGruntsLife August 29, 2022
Fucking a ho real good. ( sometimes someone may say “quake team” )

Lil marcc made da word ‼️- @liiilmarcc
I just hit dat ho wit da quake team

Dey call me nd da bros da quake team da way we fuck dese hors
When a gay/lesbian person has a mini orgasm ( like an earthquake ) from a hot person
Hannah was looking at gal Gadot and had a gay quake
by Hapinesslives329 May 7, 2019