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Qayyum is an Arabic name, usually a last name. Those who hold the Qayyum name are most commonly well liked and highly intelligent, and they tend to hold unique skills that benefit society.

They are typically successful and have strong social skills.

Qayyum is sometimes misspelled as "Quayum."
As I walked out of class, I felt as if I were a Qayyum, since my perseverance towards working hard and helping others had been reflected in my grade. Furthermore, I planned on having fun with my friends this weekend, just like a Qayyum would.
by johnbron December 03, 2010
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A handsome, nice guy who seeks knowledge. Always funny and very friendly all the time. He might look like a relax person from the outside but on the inside he's a great guy who thinks a lot about his future and about the girl he admires. If you girl know a man whose name is Qayyum, marry him. He'll never disappoint you.
Wow you're lucky to have Qayyum as your boyfriend!
by Ceghah December 29, 2017
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A very cute, sometimes serious and very naturally funny and adorable. Have sexy eyes and when he speaks, someone will literally fell in love. He's kind, alive, and a good listener. But sometimes people took him for granted.
Qayyum is awesome
by Anthert Rossell December 28, 2017
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Qayyum is a name for a guy. In islam, Qayyum means “everlasting”. The most wonderful guy in the world. He is everything you could have imagine. Girls would be lucky to have “Qayyum” because he is one of a kind✨
One in a million. His easy to fall inlove, but once he love that girl. I promise you, he will love her until he die. But most of his days, he likes to spend time with his family, friends. He is something because he is special and only the one who appreciates him can see that
Qayyum can’t see someone he loves cry, because when they cry. He started to cry too.

Qayyum favorite number is 10, because he was born on 10th of November. His a scorpio
by Aries14 April 22, 2018
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Qayyum is an Arabic name. Person named Qayyum is a lovely guy, kind and an intelligent person. Once he love you, he will love you with all of his heart, he will fight for you, protect you and will be always be there for you. He is a guy who will show his 100% efforts to make you believe that he love you and he also will do his best to make someone he loves smile and happy. If you find Qayyum, you better love him and take care of him because this guy are so hard to find. Other side of him, he is loyal, honest, caring, sweet, sporting and lovely. He is the guy who will kiss your hand for no reason, playing with you hair, your fingers, you cheek, your tummy, your ear and your nose, he is the one who will follow you wherever you go, he will be there to support you and will do anything for you just to make you happy.
Jane: you have a boyfriend?

Me: yes jane, his name is Qayyum.

Jane: Qayyum? Wow, I'm very sure that he is so lovely because guy with that name usually is the most lovely guy.

Me: yes jane, he is so lovely. Glad to have him as my boyfriend. I never found someone like him before.
Jane: You must take care of him because he is a guy that that so hard to find.
by Qayyum April 22, 2018
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