A person who has a delicate ego, spreads lies, hates facts, hypocritical, narcissistic, unethical, a White Nationalist and generally gross.
by BelieverInTruth January 13, 2017
When a specific person loves the president Donald Trump with such passion that they would do almost anything for the man.

Often used as a derrogitory term to symbolize that the person is a complete utter racist idiot.
mann, i'd totally date her except for the fact that shes a complete Trumpist!


Bruh, you need to calm yo trumpist self down
by Just another demigod December 3, 2016
A follower of Donald Trump and they follow his ideals.
by Bman111 December 1, 2016
Adults who have the appearance of a true adult but have the countenance of a child.
"Nah, nah, I'm gonna build a wall and keep non-americans out forever. But I have to get home by 6pm for my dinner as my mum'll kill me!"
"Blimey, no need to get all trumpist on my ass...here, have some candy and go to your room"
by Theopompus September 10, 2016

Fascist; Nazi; Dictator {alt spelling: DickTator;

Control Freak {One who has an obsessive

need to exert control over people and


Delusional FuckTard {often seen

abbreviated as DFT}.
When I say "The entire Trump family line is composed of...", it is safe to assume said sentence ends with "DFT Trumpists".
by intr0 December 18, 2018
One who has a prejudice against any businessman-turned-politician and will shoot down any politically incorrect things he says.
A lot of people just can't stand filthy rich trumpists, and their discrimination against these "political opportunists" often blinds them from seeing the painful hard truths.
by MathPlus October 31, 2016