A mixture of the anti-psychotic prescription pill Quetiapine and cocaine. Snorting Quetiapine gets you super drunk off otherwise small amounts of alcohol, as such mixing it with coke is a good time (and quite dangerous).
Wanna rail some q-balls? ...Yeah brah, lets get fucked up.

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wiki- "Q-Ball" is a colloquialism for quetiapine
by Dr Neal Callaghan February 6, 2014
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when a girl shaves off all her pubs.
I don't like to have a q ball it makes me feel like a little girl!
by Becca Mendoza November 9, 2006
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Slang for a bald head on a white man. Named after the ball on the game pool, for the shining Q-ball.
1. After Vic got his head shaved, he sure had a Q-ball on him.

2. The man who works with me has a shining Q-ball, and it's like a runway beacon when it shines.
by velvy March 23, 2007
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a guy said snorting seroquel will get u high and mixing with cocaine is good for more high(q ball) head.that explanation top side on this page and it is very wrong for people trying to get high or using psychotics medicine etc..i m an exdrug addict(actually just cannabis,but it s a big problem in my shame country for law.and im smoking all of the time;7/24) and mental patient according to their saying but i m not.i used lots of medicine(probably eleven kinds or more) for this shit when i was closed in mental ward in three years.seroquel,topamax,prozac,risperdal,efexor,campral etc al..)if someone is using psycohotics medicine and because it is dull then search internet get high or etc for these like me i must to say;PLEASE DONT BELIEVE AND DONT TRY WITHOUT LOTS OF THINKING.if u snort seroq. u ll suffer from nose and nothing happen.dudes i tried lots of things with medicines.anybody wants to try awkard(!) anything with that can question me.be with love.
by DigitalGocebe August 14, 2017
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The act of receiving the q ball supreme
Hey q ball what are you guys going to do tonight?
“Oh I am giving her the q ball supreme
by hensmannnnnn May 17, 2022
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When a bald man has his head shit on by a female(s) giving the appearance of a new hair style
Did you see Kara gave Chevy a Susie Q Ball?
Dude Chevy just got Susie Q Balled!
by UsHomies June 6, 2007
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The act of asking a chick to shave her head then going to the bedroom to get fucked then finish on her chrome dome and slap that cum covered Q ball
Friend: what was that loud smack last night
Me: oh? That. Me finishing my q ball dome slap ladies love it
by Ronrun July 18, 2021
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